• event planning
  • weddings
  • fashion show production
  • design
  • Event Production

    Utilizing high-concept design and imagination to create and produce all-levels of events – from soup to nuts

    You already know we do this. Event Production is the cornerstone of our business. What you may not know is that we’ve been designing and planning world-class events since 1998. And we have no boundaries. We can make anything you dream of possible – and we do.

    We’re your end to end event planning business. We handle everything that goes into event production including design, budgeting and scheduling. We will find and negotiate for the perfect venue, and get the proper permits. Our experienced, professional team will take care of all aspects of your event – lighting, sound, catering, florals, projections, a/v – you get the picture. We’re your one-stop source to create and produce your perfect event.

  • Design

    The art in which elements (lines, shapes, colors, textures, etc.) are arranged to plan and fashion the form and structure of a decorative scheme

    Event planning is all about design. You imagine it – we design and create it. Our team can take any idea and make it a reality. We have designed the most elegant, contemporary spaces from empty warehouses and freeway underpasses, to chic restaurants and pop-ups. We take great pride in the design of each project to make sure its forward thinking, different and always creative.

  • Branding

    The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

    We know that an effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in our increasingly competitive markets. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. We help you define, elevate and clearly communicate your specific brand on a global basis.

  • Technology

    Technology is an activity that forms or changes culture

    We’ve come a long way since our ancestors drew stick figures on cave walls to communicate. We’re now living in a digital world. These days, anything is possible with technology. We can design, create and set you up with all types of digital platforms, including social media, thereby expanding your presence online. And as we know, everyone is online these days.

  • Fabrication

    To make by art, skill and labor; create

    So we’ve agreed on the perfect design for your event… now what? We know what you want and where to place it. But where do we find “it”? We make it.

    After the design process, we will custom create and build any structures, furnishings, or décor necessary to realize the design. We will choose the materials, working within the overall design scheme, and our finest craftspeople will create any décor.